Hi! I am Dr. Nettra Pan. I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Bayes Business School, in the heart of London. At Bayes, I am part of the Entrepreneurship subject group led by Professor Vangelis Souitaris where I research and teach purpose-driven innovation and new venture strategy.

To better understand how founders design and fund new organizations that reflect their own personal, social and/or environmental goals, I have studied purpose-driven ventures in the context of early-stage fundraising. My findings explain how founder and investor cognition affects opportunities pursued, new venture identity and alternative metrics of performance. I have shared my work at leading research and industry conferences around the world, and published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Review.

Recently, I have begun studying creative entrepreneurship, community governance and post-capitalist organizing in the context of web3 or blockchain-enabled ventures. I consider myself a practitioner-scholar and work towards the goal of creating, sharing and preserving critical knowledge, especially with and about marginalized groups.

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